PeiGo presents Welcome to Pueblo Arrecho
Ecuadorian cultural cue: The colloquial meaning of "Arrecho" is "to be bold".

According to the Federal Reserve, 49% of Ecuadorians are still unbanked. The way they navigate the financial system and make online purchases (such as to buy Netflix, Spotify, or UBER subscriptions) is through acquiring services from people that lend credit or debit cards for a monthly fee and those who have bank accounts, are a little skeptical of doing e-commerce due to cyber fraud and data breach. ​​​​​​

PeiGo, the fintech that believes in financial inclusion, launched their brand with the "Bienvenido a Pueblo Arrecho" (Welcome to Bold Town) campaign, which invited Ecuadorians be the first ones to try a new way of making transactions. To prove that Ecuadorians are bold by nature and not afraid of trying new things, we went literally to "Pueblo Arrecho", a real town located in Manabí and converted its villagers into the first ones who dared to try a cooler and easier way of moving money around.​​​​​​​
This Mockumentary was the hero content on Social Media.
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